Nancy, Mike & Balki

Mike and Nancy opened Pawsh in October 2008….met in 1996, were married in 2006 and only five months later had their first child – a Boston Terrier named Balki. Soon after they brought Balki home in January 2007 they realized there was nowhere in the Back Bay to buy food, treats, toys and unique accessories.  The pair set out to fill that void by creating a chic boutique and grooming salon offering a variety of healthy, practical and fun options for dogs and their owners.

​Originally intending to become a veterinarian, Mike has held a variety of positions in the industry and the medical field, including as an educational intern for the Philadelphia Zoo, lab manager at Harvard Medical School, and veterinary technician at Angell Memorial in Boston.  He decided against veterinary school but is now living his dream surrounded by dogs every day at Pawsh.

Nancy was born into a dog family. Even before dog clothing went mainstream, she was dressing up her childhood dog, Biscuit, like one of her dolls. Prior to opening Pawsh, Nancy worked in public relations for 10 years. She is thrilled to be in a position at Pawsh to give back to dogs just as Biscuit, Balki & Punky have given her so much.

Balki the Boss-ton Terrier (November 11, 2006 - November 29, 2020)

Although born November 11, 2006 to champion show dog parents, Balki wasn’t destined for the arena due to his “goose butt.” He instead chose to be adopted by Mike and Nancy and live in the Back Bay. He spends his days playing “gimme that bone,” tearing squeakers and stuffing out of his toys, and snuggling on the couch. Although he loves his parents very much, he will gladly move in with anyone willing to feed him cheese. Balki loves his job at Pawsh as the official greeter, product tester and director of quality control.

Punky Chewster

We adopted Punky in July 2018 through Gimme Shelter Animal Rescue (Long Island).  She was found on the streets of South Carolina so no one knows much about her early life, but we estimate she was about 1 year old when we rescued her.  After having her DNA tested we discovered she is 1/2 Boston Terrier and 1/4 each Shih-tzu and Miniature Pinscher.  What we also know for sure is that she is 100% sweet, loves to play soccer, adores belly rubs and is happiest when spending time with her humans.  Punky joins Balki in serving as the official store dogs of Pawsh.