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November 30, 2020

A Tribute to Balki (November 11, 2006 - November 29, 2020)

Balki has lived his life😇.  He passed peacefully in his bed at home at about 5:30pm tonight after spending time in his favorite sunny spot in the backyard on this gorgeous November day. We knew the end was coming, and he was scheduled to say goodbye tomorrow morning, but Balki went on his own terms instead.

We want to thank him for everything. All the puppy playtime and snuggling on the couch.  All the great neighbors (people & dogs) we've met because of him during our thousands of walks together.  That dog store in Boston with his face all over it😊. The compassion and responsibility he helped wrangle out of us before the human kids came along.  Teaching Punky, his street dog sister, the rules of the house a few years ago. There's so much more but that's enough for now.

Life won't be the same without you, Balki.  But that's the deal you make when you get a dog.  A million parts fantastic in exchange for one terrible day.  That is today. Tomorrow will be a little better.

He was with us for over 5,000 days...we cherish each one.  Balki the Boston Terrier (friend, big brother, good boy, bad boy, grump, amazing creature, love of our lives).

NOVEMBER 11, 2006 - NOVEMBER 29, 2020

PS: I hope he finds the 🌈 bridge, pees on it, and keeps going to a place where we might meet up with him later.😘😘😘

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