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May 30, 2020


*By accepting a grooming appointment at Pawsh, you are agreeing to the following terms


*DO NOT COME IN IF YOU ARE SICK, have been in contact with someone who is sick, or have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

*A FACE MASK is REQUIRED before entering the salon.

*Customer limits and social distancing will be enforced inside the store.  Hand sanitizer will be provided to our customers and employees.

*The salon will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance to the "Workplace Safety Standards for Pet Grooming Services" that have been laid out for us by the state of Massachusetts.



- DROP OFF: Can happen outside(call when you arrive) or inside the lobby using the contact free method (signs posted in lobby).  We have a new gated system through the main door of our building just past the retail store door.  Upon entering, place your dog inside of the gated area or crate to the left of the staircase.  Once they are securely inside, you will remove all items from your dog (collar, harness, leash, flea collars, etc) and take them home with you. Make sure the gate is closed and locked and proceed back towards the door onto the taped X on the floor. The groomer will speak with you from a safe distance or over the phone.

-  DO NOT HAND your dog/s to Pawsh employees

- DO NOT BE LATE for drop off or pickup and please keep discussion with groomer brief at drop off.To avoid crowding at any point in the grooming process we need our schedule to move efficiently.

- PICK UP The groomer will give you an estimated pick up time and call you when your dog is finished. We are currently requiring a PROMPT pick up. Please be available to come get your dog as soon as we call you and remember to bring your dog’s collar/leash for pick-up



-      MATTED DOGS: If the groomer deems that your dog is matted at drop-off, it will be left up to the groomer's discretion to determine if your dog requires a shorter haircut than usual and they will notify you of their decision. Please know this is for the comfort and safety of your dog. We will do our best to give your dogs their normal haircuts if possible but we are expecting dogs to be more matted than usual given the long interval between grooming appointments.

-      Keep in mind that we do not know what the future will bring in regards to a second wave of the virus and potentially more time being closed -it might be a good idea to keep your dog groomed in a shorter clip than normal.

-      BE PATIENT: Grooms will take longer than usual due to new disinfecting/sanitizing procedures and a reduced staff.



-      Touch-less system available inside or outside (tap or Apple Pay) OR you may pay over phone

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