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April 16, 2020

Tutorial: Brushing & Dematting Your Dog at Home


Pawsh groomer Pam talks you through how to properly brush your dog at home.  Here are some tips from the video:

 - Elevate your dog on a table (lay down a towel for traction) so they can't run away easily and to give you a 360 degree access.

 - Work your way slowly from the bottom up on the legs.

 - Check your work with a metal comb from skin all the way out to feel for snags.

 - Work in sections. If your dog needs a break, give it to them. Build up their stamina over multiple sessions. It's better to do one section properly and completely than to hurry through the whole dog in one session.

 - When your dog is doing a great job, give lot's of praise and treats!

 - Common friction points that tend to have more matting are the collar line, harness lines, armpits and hips. Wherever you pet them the most or they are wearing something is wear they will develop mats.



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