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Ark Naturals Ears All Right Gentle Ear Cleansing Lotion for Dogs (4 oz)

$ 19.99 USD
$ 19.99 USD

Ark Naturals Ears All Right Gentle Ear Cleansing Lotion for Dogs (4 oz)

- Relieve Issues with Infection, Allergies, Odor and Wax, Natural Botanical Formula - Ear infection treatment for dogs & CATS: ears all right is a gentle ear Cleansing lotion formulated for all cat and dog breeds of all breeds and ages - Reduces inflammation & irritation: This natural ear cleaning solution not only works to reduce inflammation and irritation within your pets ear canal, but helps treat ear mites and other infections while preventing insect bites that lead to infections - Natural dog ear cleaner: our all natural formula uses botanicals like aloe, calendula, rosemary and Myrrh extracts to remove wax, dirt and foreign debris from your pets ears to keep them clean, treat and prevent infections - Daily ear wash: for ear infection treatment squeeze 5-10 drops directly in your pets ear and clean with cotton Ball. Our alcohol-free formula is safe for pets with sensitive ears to prevent and reduce inflammation - Carefully crafted in the USA: our recipe is formulated with high quality and natural ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors or preservatives.
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$ 19.99 USD
$ 19.99 USD

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