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Banapa Snaps Treats by Buppy Pets (3 oz)

$ 9.99 USD
$ 9.99 USD

Banapa Snaps Treats by Buppy Pets (3 oz)

Dogs are experts at sneaking your snacks, especially the foods you love. As pet owners, we avoid sharing food because what we eat isn’t always good for them, and sometimes, not good for us either. That’s why Rhode Island's BUPPY PETS created snacks you can enjoy together without the guilt. Each recipe contains only 4 ingredients and are inspired by human snacks that dogs go nuts for, but recrafted making them healthy and wholesome with all the same delicious flavors.--------------------Ingredients: Rolled Oats, Fresh Bananas, Organic Applesauce, Ground Cinnamon ----------Crude Analysis: Protein: min 11% | Fiber: max 0.8% | Fat: min 4.3% | Moisture: max 8.5% ----------Storage: For peak freshness, keep in cool, dry place to maximize the shelf life of these natural ingredients. ----------Feeding Instructions: Feed this to your dog as a treat and always monitor while doing so. Always consult your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s diet for optimum health.
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$ 9.99 USD
$ 9.99 USD

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