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Pawz Rubber Boots

$ 17.99 USD
$ 17.99 USD

Pawz Rubber Boots

GOING OUT FOR A WALK CAN BE ROUGH ON YOUR DOG’S PAWS, ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. They have to stand up to everything, from searing hot pavement to hazardous ice and snow. Not to mention all the bacteria and “stuff” that gets tracked into your home! That’s why it’s smart to slip on a set of PawZ Rubber Dog Boots whenever you and your best friend step out the door. HEALTHY PETS: Your dog’s paws constantly come in contact with mud, dirt, lawn chemicals, pesticides, germs, allergens, chemical ice melters, urine and other “stuff”. PawZ boots help prevent them from licking and ingesting materials that can compromise their health. CLEAN HOMES: Think of all the muck and germs your dog brings inside when strolling around your kitchen or camping out on your carpet, sofa or bed. Then you’ll know why PawZ boots are appreciated by so many pet parents around the world.
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$ 17.99 USD
$ 17.99 USD

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