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Red Barn Bully Sticks (with odor)

$ 8.99 USD
$ 8.99 USD

Red Barn Bully Sticks (with odor)

- Premium Medium Strength Chewers: Robust, long lasting chews that satisfy the need to chew, total chew time varies depending on your dog’s breed and enthusiasm - Highly Digestible for All Dogs: Rich in flavor your dog will love this superior odor free natural alternative to rawhide and is safe to chew all day long - No Artificial Preservatives: Our high quality standards ensure every chew is exactly how nature intended - Simple and wholesome, for healthy and happy dogs - Free-Range, Grass-fed Beef: Responsibly sourced, genuine free-range, grass-fed beef, and that’s it. Single ingredient chews, packed with protein - Promotes a Healthy Smile: You love your dog’s smile and we do too, that’s why these chews taste great and promote your dog’s dental health at the same time
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$ 8.99 USD
$ 8.99 USD

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